AO Spine Asia Pacific
Joint Committee Meeting (JCM)

January 11, 2020 | Chengdu, China

One Collaborative Power

One Collaborative Power

Dear AO Spine Asia Pacific Family

AO Spine Asia Pacific achieved a historical development for the past three years under the leadership of our past Chairperson, Dr Chung Chek Wong. Our past great development was mainly dependent on the hard work of individual regional board member, committee officer and council chairperson. Based on their achievements, how we can become a much better and stronger organization for spine surgeons in education, research and clinical practice for the next 3 years? We were in Chengdu, China to discuss our any possible Collaboration, Integration and Partnership among our committees, councils and industrial partners. The slogan of this AO Spine Asia Pacific Joint Committee Meeting 2020 is One Collaborative Power. We are looking forward to discussing and sharing your ideas together to grow as “one family”.




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