AO Spine Asia Pacific
Virtual Conference 2020


Cutting Edge, Spine

The First Fully Virtual AO Spine Conference

June 06–07, 2020

Locked, but not down...AO Spine rising!!

Cutting edge spine - on a cutting edge platform!

In June 2020, AO Spine Asia Pacific innovatively organized an engaging two-day spine conference with 6 sub-specialty sessions. The first-ever AO Spine Asia Pacific Virtual Conference focused on cutting-edge academic topics. 36 moderators and faculty members from 10 countries shared their expertise with 194 paid participants from 40 countries around the world, and we are delighted to report that—despite the very quick planning and turnaround time—it turned out to be a huge success with almost all participants (97.8%) saying they would attend again!

We have put a stamp as the first organization to conduce a fully virtual meeting with good success!
Virtual Conference Chairperson
Abhay Nene
Virtual Conference Chairperson
Dong-Kyu Chin
Virtual Conference Chairperson
Yoshiharu Kawaguchi
Virtual Conference Advisor
Manabu Ito

It was encouraging that an exceptionally high attendance rate, long staying time and good evaluation feedback were achieved for the Virtual Conference.

According to the survey report, 90% of the participants rated “Satisfactory to Outstanding” and 97.8% would register for the Virtual Conference again.